Impact of Covid-19 on the Working Space

The world woke up to dark dawn brought about by an unexpected pandemic that hit us all by surprise. Have you ever been in a situation where you can’t tell the direction to swim?

Even the compass and the watches paused due to confusion. The weather patterns were so shocked that the rain poured on the months it was not supposed to, and the sun shone when we would have otherwise expected showers in most parts of Africa. You can imagine how the work environment was hit. I would never wish that moment on anyone.

The economy became hard; there was no vaccine we did not know what we were dealing with, and the main thing that we had relied on for so long becoming comfortable in our 9-5 jobs was shaken. It was a deep blow as the routine of going to the office was shattered, people lost their jobs, others had to adjust to working from home, and children were being homeschooled.

As they say, it is always darkest before dawn; it gave us a rude awakening of remote working environment that we would have otherwise not have thought of. Change is difficult, but we all needed to sustain our livelihoods pursue our entrepreneurial passion and follow our hearts on jobs or activities we had placed on the sideline. The official birth of remote working was born!

How did you adjust? How are you taking it now? It is a fantastic feeling as the necessary change had to happen and trigger our comfort zone to always focus on our goals, shock our potential and never giving up. Opportunities came up and triggered what we thought we knew then. We were able to open our minds to learn, grow, change the status quo and work from home for employers worldwide.  Would you have thought this to be the case in 2019?

Would you have believed me if I told you remote working would be a possibility and the best one at that?

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