My Experience on Working Remotely – Jossie Mutia

I began working remotely in December of 2019 and I can say it’s been the toughest but yet the most fulfilling time of my career and life. When I began, my biggest challenge was that I wasn’t used to an environment where I had to be the initiator and come up with ideas, and I was confused for a while; what exactly was my boss asking of me? Was she testing me? Why was she asking my opinion when it was up to her to tell me what to do and how I was going to accomplish it in the process.

It took a while to actually understand what she was asking of me, she needed me to have confidence in myself and my own power and abilities and when I did so I realized that I have the potential to grow not just in the company but also in my career and my personal life. I now had to come up with a schedule that worked for me and my boss, considering that we were 7-8 hours ahead of them. It also meant that I was available in case of an emergency and my work didn’t just end because the 5 o’clock button was over. There are times I need to do extra, work extra in order to meet my target and deadlines but it is also that feeling that I am flexible enough that I do not overwhelm and overwork myself.

One of the advantages I have is that I work from home, I am in charge of my hours and flexibilities. I can work without any distractions. I’ve also learned a new culture of doing things, of how to be a leader, of how to work with different people without being in the same office space. How to take what I learn in the “office” into my own personal space. I also now better understand how to communicate, it is not always up, down sometimes it’s also down up and across as well. Tools that I’ve never heard of, I can interact with them comfortably.

My best takeaway from working remotely;

  • Communication is key, you need to be someone who talks about what you know and doesn’t know, where you are on projects and deadlines, and give suggestions of how you will fix the gaps that you are experiencing (they do not have to be perfect)
  • Schedule and plan your day and time
  • Learn, relearn and keep learning
  • Go the extra mile it will be for your benefit and your client as well.
  • Give it your best and you can do this by getting out of your comfort zone no matter how hard it might be.


  1. My experience working remotely has been nothing short of amazing. Firstly, I love the flexibility of getting to manage my time and working anywhere I want. I also like the great learning opportunities and the vastness available with working remotely. With working remotely, you can stumble upon a course, a career path you’ve never heard of before and that’s what made get the feeling of abundance. I don’t think I will ever settle for a job which involves going to a physical office ever again 😊.

  2. What does being able to work from home mean to me? It means freedom, it means the bliss of seeing my children grow. Being a witness to every milestone. Seeing their smiles every morning and tucking them in every night. It means that I won’t be afraid of what my domestic manager is doing to my children. It means the ability to share in their joy and their difficulties. It provides me with the opportunity to play and dance with them during breaks. I don’t have to give excuses as I plan my time well to be able to meet deadlines as I also attend to my family. For all these reasons and many more, I resist any 9-5

  3. Janiffer Nyarangi says:

    These read is filled with great insights especially for people who are struggling with keeping up with the demands of working remotely. It shortens the learning curve which means improved productivity

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