“Once you start working for a great organization, you will immediately realize the change in work conditions, prompt communication, respect, and adherence to promise. KukuaBiz is one such company. I have worked here for 3 months now and I am happy about everything. They are not your regular employer, rather, they are the support system you need to horn specific skills and scale up in them. In my case, I have always wanted to delve into digital marketing and my work now is all about this field. I have learned a lot and keep discovering new skill areas available to explore – all with the backing of KukuaBiz.“
Peter W.
“Joining KukuaBiz as a talent has proved to be the best career move for me especially considering the disruptions that were caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. My experience working with international clients has widened my perspective to think not only locally but globally, which I can say is very strategic for my career. KukuaBiz offers opportunities for growth and development through training. The organizational culture characterized by teamwork, flexibility, and continuous improvement promotes just the ideal environment to thrive and get fulfilment at work. I am so thankful to be part of an amazing family and a great organization.”
Jannifer N.
“Working at KukuaBiz has been wonderful. I have got a chance to test my skills on a world-class level, I have also got an opportunity to meet great people all over the world and learn a new skill on a regular basis I am also excited by the flexible working hour at any location of your choice. KukuaBiz team is committed to making each other succeed. I would recommend anyone to work here because we all have the same goal in mind, Kukuabiz is a family, our team strives and grows together,”
Edwin K.
“Working with KukuaBiz as a talent has been an eye-opener for me. Working remotely with a pool of talent who are always there to guide you through any hurdles along the way has been one of the best things that has led to an accelerated growth in my learning curve. I have been able to learn more about online marketing and social media marketing plus the introduction to platforms and possibilities I had never thought of. Thank you for such a great opportunity and trust towards my abilities.”
Edwin B
“When I joined KukuaBiz, the culture was infectious and I immediately felt the pride and passion of my co-workers for the work that they do and from our clients around the globe I find that Kukuabiz provides the best of both worlds by challenging employees with meaningful work in different exciting industries while also exhibiting many of the same characteristics found among the most mature, high-performing companies in the world. It is an honour to be part of this great company!!!”
Winnie-E W.
KukuaBiz for me is a family that I enjoy working with. I have been given an opportunity to work with brilliant minds and people who not only are improving my skills but also pushing me to my limits and encouraging me to learn new different skills. I have been matched with amazing clients who are making me evolve into a better me. I love being a part of the global workforce that KukuaBiz is.”
Emmanuel M
“Marketing is something I had not done before, more so online marketing. My short involvement with KukuaBiz has exposed me to marketing and numerous tools used for online marketing and task management. I learn each passing day and am glad to observe personal development in the digital skills gained through my interaction with the client I work for!”
Abraham O.